BARC-2018How Can Bamboo And Rattan Contribute To South-South Coorperation And The sustainable Development Goals?

Our world today faces a set of fundamental challenges. Poverty, climate change, unsustainable resource use and ecosystem degradation pose serious threats to human wellbeing and our environment. They also slow the pace of development. In a world where 800 million people live in poverty and 1.1 billion have no access to electricity, how can we bring about development and growth in an environmentally sustainable way?

Solving these problems requires new approaches, from people across very different sectors and between countries. It also involves 'green tools': nature-based solutions which can help lift people out of poverty while protecting the environment, stimulating genuinely green growth.

Since 1997 INBAR has been working to promote the use of two green tools - bamboo and rattan - as strategic plants which can contribute to sustainable development. Most recently, our work has contributed to at least seven of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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